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A stainless steel sheet is used within a number of industries for many varying applications, and is considered to be one of the most hygienic surfaces and as such, stainless steel sheets are used often in areas where food is prepared, and in addition a stainless steel sheet is easy to clean, as it has no pores or cracks and as such will not harbor dirt, grime or bacteria. Another quality of the sheeting is that it will not crack or chip easily and is resistant to rust; therefore, it needs very little maintenance. Star Metals, Inc. although, they are a relatively new metal supplier, is continually growing and currently holds close to $7.5 million dollars worth of stainless steel sheeting and other types of metal and steel. It is due to their large inventory that orders which are placed for stainless steel sheet are commonly shipped on the following day. Over and above the stainless steel sheet being used commonly for food preparation areas, it has a number of other uses and because it is rust resistant it is used widely in many outdoor applications and within a number of industries and applications. Star Metals, Inc. continually strives to be a one-stop steel supply shop for a number of diverse types of industries. In addition to the wide range and different steel types offered, Star Metals, Inc. continually negotiates exclusive contracts with both local and foreign manufacturers in all the grades and types of steel and to this end, weekly shipments of stainless steel sheets are received, allowing Star Metals, Inc. to keep their prices on steel a lot lower than competitors.

Star Metals, Inc. has the ability to supply the biggest selection of steels types, including rolled steel, tubing, pipe, plate, bar, fitting and flanges as well as stainless steel sheet, and Star Metals, Inc. has become a favored supplier for many industries, ranging from aerospace, commercial, military and medical and because Star Metals, Inc. is a one-stop steel supply shop, they can provide wholesale buying discounts to large clients. The stainless steel sheet supplied by Star Metals, Inc. can last for more than 100 years, provided it is cared for properly and the sheet is 100 percent recyclable; therefore, it is one of the best used steel types within numerous industries. However, commonly the stainless steel sheet is used in commercial kitchens, where there is a need for a food preparation surface that is resistant to rust and is hygienic and easy to clean.

Star Metals, Inc. stocks a wide choice of stainless steel grades, and each grade of stainless steel can be used effectively in many different types and number of industries. For steel buyers who are looking to buy products in addition to the stainless steel sheet, other grades of stainless steel include 416 stainless steel, 430F, 434, 304, 316, and 3CR12. Please take the time to view the listings of stainless steel graded products on the Star Metals, Inc. website at Star Metals, Inc. can additionally supply buyers with high volumes of alloy, steel, copper, brass, bronze and titanium, and because of the large stock inventory currently held by Star Metals, Inc. they can meet the metal buying needs of several industries. The specifications and pricing of the stainless steel sheet and other types of steel are listed on the Star Metals, Inc. website.

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