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Star Metals Inc.provides metal pipes, tubes, plates and sheets to a number of varied industries including the aerospace industry, the commercial industry, the military and the medical industry. As an added benefit to customers the metal pipe supplier offers the services of precision saw cutting, waterjet cutting, shearing, trepanning, centerless grinding, heat treating, forgings, roll and welding and in-house tube polishing 180, 320 and 600 grit P and B. Star Metals Inc. has just recently purchased a new automatic in-line tube polisher and would be pleased to quote for the service. The new tube polisher obviates the need to buy materials to take to another facility to have it finished. The metal pipe provider is constantly striving to be the One-Stop-Shop and to this end has negotiated discount arrangements with local service providers to accomplish this economic advantage.

Steel is made in more than fifty countries of the world and Star Metals part of one of the most basic industries around. Besides the products it makes and helps other industries to make the steel industry is an important customer of other industries that supply the raw materials that are required to make steel. The steel industry is one of the world's largest employers and highly skilled people are needed to operate furnaces and rolling mills. Star Metals Inc. supplies steel plates, tubing and metal pipes among other products to construction companies, the automobile industry, agricultural industry, oil and gas industries, to the manufacturers of household appliances and machinery and tool makers. Modern day industries could not exist without steel which is the most useful and versatile of all metals and it is easy to understand why vast supplies of steel must always be available.

Star Metals Inc. online is able to supply plate, bar, sheet, coil, tubing and metal pipes in aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and special TY alloys and titanium, and customers can find all the sizes they require on the online chart. Customers can also inquire about Star Metals Inc's direct mill runs and/or the various stocking programs operated by the metal pipe suppliers. Star Metals Inc. can offer high quality metal pipes to customers for the fabricating of furniture, bicycles, boilers and pipes to carry water, oil and gas.

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