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Stainless steel is used by manufacturers in almost every industry today. Even the feet that protect diaper bags are made from stainless steel and designer high chrome polished steel buckles grace the fashion world. A commercial stainless tube distributor, however, primarily caters to the process, architectural, automotive, and medical industries, as well as aluminum smelting plants, food and sugar production facilities, oil refineries, and power plants.

Industry Uses supplied by a Commercial Stainless Tube Distributor

The architectural application of stainless steel tubing is for quality tubing and railing, such as the hanging rails in a bank or a theater. These adjustable units direct the flow of pedestrian traffic and are distinctive for their high shine and smooth finish. Stainless steel railing is also common in handle bars, stair railings, and other areas commonly found for use in commercial and residential applications including restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings and residences and fairly easy to find at a commercial stainless tube distributor.

The food and beverage industry uses tubing in all shapes and sizes for their process vats, pipes, valves, any type of flow required for movement from one vat to another plus the need for steam and the addition of other ingredients. A commercial stainless tube distributor provides piping and tubing for the breweries, dairy equipment like homogenizers, sterilizers, piping, and valves for the processing of citrus and other fruit beverages, and of course for wine.

These industries use type 304 from a commercial stainless tube distributor because it has sufficient carbon to protect against corrosion and oxidization. This is important because the content that flows through their tubes, fruits, meats, milk, and vegetables, produces acids that create the corrosion. The gleaming shiny process valves and pipes are not bright because they are cleaned so well, but because of the 18% chromium content and the 8% nickel content necessary in commercial stainless tube distributor Type 304 piping.

Commercial stainless tube distributor inventory also provides power plants with their piping needs. Power reactors have specific needs in their tubing and, depending on where it is being used, they may use types 304, 316, 321, 347 low or high carbon grade. The higher the grade, the more specific the use. A commercial stainless tube distributor can house a good stock of varying sizes of T-304 because it satisfies most needs.

For higher chemical, pressure and other industrial needs, T-316, though more expensive is more appropriate and can be found either in stock or specially ordered from a commercial stainless tube distributor. The carbon content also varies, low for greater flexibility and ease of manipulation - usually a heavier gauge, and high, but no higher than 0.08%, for higher temperature applications. A commercial stainless tube distributor will be familiar with the requirements.

Other industries like the automotive use varied sizes and grades supplied by a commercial stainless tube distributor for products ranging from the handle bars of bicycles, tricycles, and motorcycles to the exhaust pipes of transport trucks and the mufflers of hot rods.

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