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Star Metals, Inc. is a young and vibrant company that currently holds about $7.5 million worth of stainless steel stock and owing to this fact, stainless steel buyers can order steel via the website, and in many cases the stainless steel will be shipped the next day. Due to the nature of our organization, Star Metals successfully serves the stainless steel buying needs for many industries, which includes commercial, aerospace as well as military and medical. In order to gain an appreciation of our wide selection of stainless steel products, including tubing, bar sheet and coil stainless steel. 430 grade stainless steel is a non-hardenable grade, and 430 stainless steel offers high resistance against heat and corrosion and due to this fact, this type of stainless steel is commonly used for dishwasher linings, refrigerator cabinet panels, automotive trim, lashing wire, elements support, stove trim rings, fasteners, and chimney liners. Furthermore, since 430 grade stainless steel has a lower hardening rate, bending and forming of the steel is carried out more effectively then in many other grades of stainless steel.

Star Metal, Inc. has worked tirelessly, negotiating buying contracts for many domestic and foreign manufacturers of all grades of stainless steel, including 430 stainless steel, and to this end, our costs of all stainless steel grades are competitive and affordable. In terms of availability of the 430 stainless steel grade, Star Metal, Inc. receives weekly shipments from suppliers, which allows us to stock the steel on our premises and offer the stainless steel to buyers at competitive pricing structures. Commercial buyers are the biggest buyers of 430 grade stainless steel, as it is used exclusively as automotive trim, and for the lining of dishwashers and within the shelving of refrigerators.

However, in addition to supplying 430 grade stainless steel, Star Metals, Inc. stocks a variety of stainless steel in many different grades, where each grade is suitable for use in a wide range of diverse industries, ranging from aerospace to commercial. For those seeking alternative grades to the 430 stainless steel, possible options include 430F, 434. 304, 316, and 3CR12 which have a lower corrosion resistance than the 430 grade stainless steel and are acceptable for use in cost-critical applications. However, 430 grade stainless steel has a very high stress corrosion cracking resistance and as such, is the preferred choice for linings of appliances, such as dishwashers. Please feel free to view the complete listings of stainless steel graded products via the Star Metals, Inc. website at http://www.starmetalsinc.com. In addition to stainless steel, Star Metals, Inc. is able to assist buyers with larges quantities of alloy, steel, copper, brass, bronze and titanium, and owing to the extensive stock inventory and the fact that Star Metals, Inc. holds more than $7.5 million worth of stock on their premises, they are able to successfully serve the metal buying needs of a varied range of industries. Specifications for the 430 grade stainless steel are shown via the Star Metals, Inc. website.

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