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Star Metals, Inc. is a leading supplier of a huge range of iron and steel for businesses, individuals, manufacturing and engineering purposes. You will see that we offer a huge variety of different grades of stainless steel tubing like 304 welded tubing and seamless tubing which can be difficult to source. We supply stainless steel grades 304 welded tubing, nickel alloys, and other metals used in thousands of different applications, too numerous to mention. Some examples, though, are food and catering machine builders, electrical applications, for building and construction, plus medical laboratories and aerospace - in aviation fuel lines. You can browse our top quality and very affordable stainless steel supplies, plus the additional services we offer on this website, and see all the grades of steel and the specifications that are available.

Star Metals, Inc. has built up relationships with many high profile clients, not only because we carry such a vast range of iron and steel but also because we are able to supply it at such low prices. Our customers can buy in bulk, or if they wish, in smaller quantities. We are ready to ensure customer satisfaction to anyone wishing to purchase 304 welded tubing, or any of our top quality metal and stainless steel products. 304 welded tubing has the excellent features of corrosion resistance, and it can also be welded because of low carbon content. The properties and different grades of stainless steel allow them to be used in medical equipment and food applications, construction, and in many different types of machines. Besides this, they have high temperature melting points which makes them also very desirable.

All of our excellent iron, steel, and nickel alloy products, including our choice of 304 welded tubing can be cut to size according to your required specifications, and finished with polishing machines or grinded as you need. Star Metals, Inc. is also proud to offer you a new service inline polishing machine services for metals so you can save even more time and money by having your 304 welded tubing worked to spec before it is delivered, instead of sending it out for further engineering. Read more about the extended metal working engineering and cutting services on the link provided. We have used Internet technology to show you our wide range of metals and the grades they are available in for your convenience.

Star Metals, Inc. has easy ordering policies, and we offer credit to clients who need it which can be applied for by completing an application from us. Look forward to ease of purchase and shipping direct to you throughout the U.S. All of our 304 welded tubing stainless steel and other metals have their grades indicated to help you make your choice. Our expert team can help you if you wish to inquire what the best possible option in metals is for your project. Our mission is to provide you customer service excellence, coupled with affordability in prices, and a wide enough selection of metals to make Star Metals, Inc. your one-stop supplier of every iron and steel requirement on the market for your projects.

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