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Type 304 stainless steel is one of the most `commonly used grades carried by 304 Pipe Distributors. It is the one most frequently used in the food and domestic tool industry because it is a high grade but not so high or as expensive as Type 316 which is tempered for use in chemical and industrial environments. To choose the grade necessary for a product, contact 304 pipe distributors like Star Metals Inc. who are expert in the use of stainless steel and carry a wide variety of tubing.

304 pipe distributors carry pipes and tubing manufactured from stainless steel from several grades, but the most common is Type 304. It is austenitic, which means that it is a metallic but not magnetic solution, and solid. 304 pipe distributors carry grade 304 pipes that contain a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel that is mixed with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. Type 304 is also known as a chromium-nickel austenitic alloy.

Because pipes need to be resistant to corrosion and scaling, 304 pipe distributors carry the more common grade of the T-300 series of stainless steel because it also remains bright and easy to clean. That makes it appropriate for use in aesthetic and hygienic environments. 304 pipe distributors find that contractors use the 304 grade more frequently than the 316 because it complies with building codes and costs less.

The pans, pots, and tools in your kitchen are most likely made from stainless steel carried by 304 pipe distributors because of its ease in forming and welding, it contains a chromium content which provides corrosion and oxidation resistance, superb resilience even in very low cryonegic temperatures, and a deep drawing ability. The capability of this common steel carried by 304 pipe distributors in low temperatures allows it to respond well to the stiffening of cold working.

There are two types of 304 pipe distributors carry; 304L and 304H. Grade 304L means that it has the low carbon content which means that it doesn't need to have post-weld annealing. This makes it popular in heavy gauge components that are over about 6mm. It is very easy to clean, use in fabrication, and has a beautiful finish. Grade 304H has a high content of carbon and is used in production requiring high temperatures. Make sure that you specify which grade you need from 304 pipe distributors.

This grade of stainless steel carried by 304 pipe distributors is popular in the food industry for food processing equipment especially for making beer, milk, and wine because it is excellent for making tanks and containers for liquids and solids. 304 pipe distributors provide material for dairy equipment like homogenizers, sterilizers, piping, and valves and brewers and the juice industry for stainless steel for pipelines, storage, and hauling equipment.

These industries use 304 pipe distributors for their supplies because of the ability of Type 304 stainless steel to resist the corrosion induced by the acids in fruits, meats, milk, and vegetables.

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